Organic teas

Our certified organic teas from organic agriculture offer a pesticide-free experience. Coconut, orange, aloe vera... Discover original and gourmet flavours.

Discover our range of organic teas from Hampstead and Barry's Tea, with flavors from the most original to the most traditional.

Better quality, better flavour

A tea grown without pesticides or chemicals will be of better quality and have a richer flavor than a traditional non-organic tea. The way organic tea is grown is totally different: the tea is cultivated, picked and processed with care - a unique savoir-faire. Sustainable cultivation practices often result in tea with a better taste.

Better for your health

Unspoiled tea is considered healthier.  By drinking organic tea, you can be sure of being pesticide-free, and therefore benefiting 100% from all the tea's virtues. 

More respectful of the environment

Non-organic tea is grown more intensively, with harmful consequences for the environment such as soil erosion, water pollution and loss of biodiversity. Drinking organic tea is therefore a real gesture for the environment, as its cultivation minimizes harmful consequences.

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