Loose tea

Loose tea allows tea leaves to grow better in water, offering a tastier experience, richer in anantioxidants than tea bags.

Loose tea is a type of tea that is sold as whole leaves rather than in paper or cotton bags. There are many types of loose tea available, ranging from classic green tea to robust black tea to indulgent rooibos.

Loose tea is considered superior in taste and quality over tea bags because the leaves are fresher and remain as they are after being picked. Moreover, no additives alter the taste of the tea. Thus, their properties are preserved, the leaves have all the space necessary to flourish and regain their initial shape, and the aromas are released more slowly than with tea bags, which limits bitterness and offers an intense and optimal tasting.

Loose tea, which is generally infused in a reusable tea accessory, also makes it possible to limit waste and therefore reduce its ecological impact, a good gesture for the planet! Plus, it's often more economical than tea bags because you can buy any quantity you want without being limited by standard packet sizes. You can also manage the doses you want to infuse yourself, whether in a mug or a teapot. In addition, for the little info, it is possible to infuse loose leaf tea up to three times without losing its flavours. It may even be that the tasting gives way to new flavours that are just as tasty...

At Le Comptoir Irlandais, we offer a wide choice of loose teas from the best tea houses: Dammann Frères, Whittard of Chelsea, Barry's tea, but above all our brand The Tea, in which you will find all kinds of black teas, greens and rooibos. There is something for every taste !

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