Earl Grey Teas

Highly appreciated by English for its freshness and delicacy, Earl Gray tea is flavored with bergamot, a small citrus fruit from Sicily or Calabria.
It owes its name to Earl Charles Grey, British Prime Minister in the early nineteenth century. This black tea can be enjoyed in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon for a delicious tea time or a tea break.

Where does the Earl Grey come from?

Earl Grey tea, this great English classic, is first and foremost a black tea flavoured with bergamot, a citrus fruit close to lime, which gives it a floral note when brewed. Over the years, Earl Grey tea has become a reference throughout the world.

Very popular with the English, it owes its name to the Earl Charles Grey, British Prime Minister at the beginning of the 19th century.

Discover how tea is made: once the black tea leaves are dried, Earl Grey tea is flavoured to give it its special taste. This is done using oil extracts or flavouring agents. In addition, although Earl Grey tea is generally made from black tea, it can also be made from a mixture of several black teas, of various origins, such as India, Sri Lanka or China.

Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular citrus teas in the world, particularly for its freshness and delicacy. Find our best selection of Earl Grey tea through the prestigious tea houses Whittard of Chelsea, Barry's Tea, or Hampstead Tea.

Tasting tips

To prepare and obtain the best properties, use a kettle with adjustable temperature to obtain water at 85° or 90°C. Then let 2 grams of tea steep for 3 minutes.

Enjoy your Earl Grey tea in the morning for its fine aroma and invigorating effect. It provides real energy over the long term, ideal for starting the day!

You can enjoy your Earl Grey tea with fruit biscuits, or shortbreads, to give a gourmet touch to your Tea Time or breakfast.

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