Plants infusions

Herbal teas flavoured with chamomile, blueberry, bergamot, mint... Find the one that suits you best.

What is an plants infusion? 

It's a caffeine-free herbal preparation made with water. In the water, the various active principles of the plants are diffused. Herbal teas have many benefits, depending on the plants chosen.

Plants infusion for better sleep

After a good evening meal, there's only one thing you want after digestion: a good night's sleep. There's nothing better than an infusion of linden, lemon balm, lavender or chamomile, plants renowned for their soothing effect.

Chamomile, for example, is a flower that not only promotes sleep, but also calms the digestive system.

Plants infusion for a boost

After a good night's sleep thanks to your herbal tea, it's time for a new day. To get all the energy and vitality you need, what better than a tonic herbal infusion. Choose a mint, fennel or turmeric infusion for a springboard of energy and flavor.

For a simpler infusion, consider verbena. It's a delicious, fortifying infusion. It has antioxidant, immune system and general well-being benefits.


You can drink 2 to 3 cups a day, but never more than a liter!

Brew your infusion for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 90° or 100° in your best teapot or teaware. After all, there's a whole protocol for enjoying your tea.

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