Gourmet Irish Coffee


Irish Coffee is a typical Irish drink made with whiskey, coffee and whipped cream. This gourmet version of Irish Coffee is perfect to serve after a good meal, as a digestif or as a dessert.

Ingredients for 4 Irish Coffee:

Irish Coffee glasses

- 10 cl of Sexton Irish whiskey

- 2 tablespoons of St Brendan's whiskey cream

- 4 espresso coffees

- 4 teaspoons of cane sugar syrup

- 15 cl of very cold whole liquid cream

- 1 vanilla pod

- 2 teaspoons of brown sugar


1/ Pour boiling water into 4 heat-resistant Irish Coffee glasses to heat them.

2/ Whip the very cold cream with an electric mixer with the brown sugar. Split the vanilla pod and collect the seeds. Stir in the St Brendan’s cream. Continue to whip until all ingredients are incorporated. Reserve in the refrigerator.

3/ Throw the hot water out of the glasses and run an espresso in each of them. Divide the whiskey and 1 teaspoon of cane sugar in each glass. To mix everything.

4/ Pour hot water on the back of a spoon to heat it. Place the cream on the hot coffee using the back of the heated spoon so that the cream does not fall to the bottom of the glasses.

Article written by Manon C.

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