Bushmills Black Bush 70 cl 40°

Distillery : The Old Bushmills / Country : Nothern Ireland / Reference: : 20047

Here is a luxury, rich and attractive blend released by The Old Bushmills distillery, widely recognised by critics. Whisky expert Michael Jackson even ranked it as one of his favourites.

To successfully make this premium whiskey, The Old Bushmills combines an exceptionally high amount of malt whiskey married to a lighter grain whisky. What makes this whisky truly exceptional, is a high proportion (more than 80%) of Single Malt mainly aged 7 to 9 years in Spanish oak casks that previously contained Xeres Oloroso and American Bourbon barrels.

Very fruity, Black Bush is a delicious blend of rare richness and elegance. With an interesting maturity typical to malt whiskeys, Black Bush is full bodied and deliciously smooth, with a hint of liveliness brought by the grain.

The various attractive features of this blend make it a perfect drink neat or on-the-rocks, with great quality at the best value.

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27,90 € tax incl.

soit 39,86 € / litre

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV40 °
TypeBlended Irish Whiskey
DistilleryThe Old Bushmills
CountryNothern Ireland
RegionCounty Antrim
Age7 years
MaturationBourbon & Sherry
PeatNon Peated

The Old Bushmills is the oldest official whisky distillery in the world. On April 20th 1608, King James I granted Sir Thomas Phillips - landowner and Governor of Co. Antrim, Ireland – a license to distil.

The Old Bushmills has been distilling whiskey from that date onwards, and the Old Bushmills Company was officially established in 1784. It is today part of the Diageo Spirits Group. The distillery is located in Bushmills, in Antrim County, North Ireland, a few miles away from the Giant’s Causeway, and the last operating distillery in North Ireland.

A dozen of distilleries were still opened in the region in the early 20th century. Only three remained in the 1950’s. The Comber distillery closed in 1953 and the Coleraine closed in 1978. Bushmills’ history is chaotic: its origins hark back to 1608 but the region had been distilling whiskey since the 12th century.

In 1276, Sir Robert Savage, owner of the Bushmills town is said to have fortified his troops with "a mighty drop of acqua vitae". In 1490, the Book of Leinster mentions a local alcohol served in Bushmills town.

The distillery starts growing from 1860’s onwards, and is bought for a mere 500 Sterling Pounds. In 1855, a fire destroys partly the distillery, which is then rebuilt in the Scottish style of that time, with pagoda roofs typical of Scottish distilleries. At the same time, Bushmills stops the production of Irish pot still and manufactures Single Malts.

In 1923, The Old Bushmills is purchased by a Belfast merchant, Samuel Boyd. In 1972 the distillery enters the Irish distillers Spirit Group. In 2008, Bushmills celebrate 400 years of whiskey making with its limited edition: Bushmills 1608. Old Bushmills then produces blends and single malts, with 4 wash stills, 5 spirit stills with 3 million litres of alcohol produced every year.

The Bushmills range draws its identity and spicy, fruity character from the single malt Bushmills whiskey, forming the heart of its blended whiskeys. Obtained from a triple distillation, Bushmills malt whiskey is elaborated from non peated barley. The malt is then peat-smoke free and offers a rich, malty style with subtle fruity notes.

Colour : strong gold with a light copper glow.

Nose : fresh and full-bodied, with strong woody (oak and vanilla) and fruity flavours (red berries, nuts and Sherry), releasing caramel, praline and roasted aromas (coffee) after a while in the glass.

Palate : mellow and plain, delicious and inviting with melted buttery and caramel notes, and fruits, grapes and candied lemon originating from the Sherry cask. Evolving on malted barley and rose. 

Finish : drying and notably long, with spiced notes.

88 points, Irish Whiskey, Blended, Unpeated category, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023.

Irish Whiskey - 2014 - Wizards of Whisky Awards


Irish Blended – Premium - 2014 - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver Outstanding

Irish Whiskey - Blended - 2014 - International Wine & Spirit Competition

Our recipes for a perfect Black Bush tasting :

Bush & Ginger
-Bushmills Black Bush
-Ginger soda
-Ice cubes
-Mint leaves
Fill up a tall glass with ice cubes and some mint leaves,
pour in one dose of Bushmills Black Bush and complete
to the top with Ginger soda.

On the Rocks
-Bushmills Irish Whiskey Black Bush
-Ice cubes
The melting ice reveals the Black Bush tasteful and
fragant notes and releases the whole aromatic palette
of the whiskey.

Cooler Craic
-Bushmills Black Bush
-Fresh pinneaple juice
-Herbal Liqueur
-1 teaspoon of fresh lime juice
-1 teaspoon of almond syrup
-1 teaspoon of Angostura bitters
-1 teaspoon of bitter orange
Mix all ingredients in a shaker and serve in a tall glass full of ice.

-Bushmills Black Bush
-Amaro Liqueur
-Sliced cucumber
-1 teaspoon of lime juice
-1 teaspoon of sugar syrup
This cocktail wraps up Black Bush in a sicilian style
with the blend of Amaro, sugar syrup and lime juice.
Shake thoroughly and serve in a tall glass with ice and cucumber slices.


Fine All Rounder
A good Irish whiskey at the price. Complex enough to be enjoyed neat or in an Irish coffee. Probably the best of the entry level range. Sweet, sherried, but the finish is short. A 46% expression might lift things but very enjoyable regardless . For this price it's a 'no brainer' purchase.
18 March 2021
Bushmills Black Bush 70 cl 40°

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