Scandinavian Whisky Stones Täljsten Original

Best pick Scandinavian Whisky Stones Täljsten Original

Brand : Täljsten / Country : Sweden / Reference: : 36735

These Scandinavian whisky stones are shaped like ice cubes, for a genuine chilled whisky "on the rocks" !

These stones are carved from soapstone extracted from Handöl, Jämtland in Sweden. Over decades, men have been using the unique thermal properties of this stone, able to collect and retain cold or warmth and to deliver it slowly, without any alteration of flavour. This natural stone with surprising characteristics is older than 400 million years, and was already in use in the Viking era to manufacture kitchen ustensils.

With these whisky stones, chill your drink from 20° to 10° without any addition of water or ice: your drink stays undiluted.You may enjoy your whisky chilled but neat with all of its flavours and aromas. These stones are shaped like ice-cubes and should be placed in the freezer.

A set of 8 natural Scandinavian stones in a cardboard packaging with food-safe Cold Pack bag to place them in the freezer.

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This Swedish family firm has first manufactured the "ice cubes that never melt" in the 1990s.

These whisky stones have been since then a huge success and Taljsten becomes established as a specialist known to the public.


2 cm square sides, grey stone colour, weight: 23 to 27g.

Extraction and manufacturing: Sweden.

Not to be used with fizzy drinks.

Dishwasher safe.

Directions for use:

On the first use: rinse and dry the whisky stones and place them in the cold pack, leave them 2 hours in the freezer before using.

Put the stones in the freezer at least one hour before use. Place 2 to 4 stones in a glass and pour your drink (in this order). The drink with be chilled without water dilution. For 4cl of whisky, the temperature decrease is  2,5°C per stone.

The Täljsten Original Whisky Stones may be heated in the microwave for a few minutes to heat up to keep warm any type of drinks.