Ballymaloe is an Irish family business that has been producing delicious relish sauces since 1930 in County Cork using their artisanal manufacturing process and using premium ingredients.
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Ballymaloe was born in County Cork in 1930. Myrtle Allen wanted to save the tomatoes her husband grew to eat them all year round. She therefore created her “relish sauce” and decided in 1964 to open a restaurant at home, offering daily specials with only local products.

She became the first female chef in Ireland to be awarded a Michelin star. His daughter, Yasmin, will contribute to the reputation of the small family business by offering its products on the shelves of grocers while carefully respecting the quality of the products. The manufacturing process is still artisanal, with a slow reduction of ingredients.

Today, Ballymaloe is a staple of Irish cuisines.

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