5 golden rules for storing your whisky


You have just acquired a good whisky and want to know how to store it to enjoy it in the long term or to taste it when the time comes, in a few months or a few years... As a reminder, whisky, unlike wine, does not age and does not evolve once bottled. By respecting certain conditions, you will be able to preserve all its flavours for as long (or almost!) as you wish. Here are the 5 golden rules for storing your whisky until it is tasted.

1. Place it in darkness

Whisky does not like light: in fact, the contact between the sun's rays and the liquid leads to chemical reactions which risk altering both the taste and the colour of the whisky. If you have one, a cellar is the perfect place to store it, but a shelf in the closet that's well shaded from light will do just as well.

2. Protect it from the heat

Just as light, heat can affect the taste properties of whisky. It is therefore recommended to store it at room temperature, away from heat and any temperature variation (plus or minus 4°C maximum), which would oxidize the whisky. Once again, the cellar (whose temperature is generally between 15 and 18°C) is quite suitable for storing the whisky.

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3. Keep its head up

Unlike wine, whisky thrives in an upright position. This prevents it from coming into contact with the cork and thus prevents oxygen from passing through, which would cause the whisky to oxidize. Moreover, if it is in contact with the cork, the whisky risks being corked, which, just like for wine, is absolutely to be avoided.

4. Take care of the cork

The vertical position creates a slight evaporation which allows the cork to remain moist and thus not to crumble. In order to best preserve this humidity, you can also turn the bottle over from time to time (maximum once a month). Once the bottle has been opened, don't hesitate to check the condition of the cork from time to time and change it (or even transfer the whisky into another container) if it breaks or is damaged. A damaged cork risks allowing oxygen to enter the bottle, which, as we said a little earlier, does not work with whisky!

5. Choose the suitable container

The more a bottle of whisky is emptied, the more the liquid/air ratio becomes unbalanced: the level of liquid decreases in favour of the volume of oxygen, which leads to the oxidation of the whisky and by extension to an alteration of its aromas. Once the bottle has been opened (especially more than two thirds), the best solution is therefore to transfer your whisky into a smaller container in order to limit the volume of oxygen in contact with the whisky. Also make sure the bottle is airtight.

By following these golden rules, you can keep your favourite whisky for years! And once the time has come to taste it after these months (or even years) of preservation, there is no question of choosing just any glass! For an optimal experience, here are the whisky glasses offered in our shop:

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Whisky glasses

Article written by Camille L.

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