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The G'vine distillery is located near Cognac in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France.
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A French “haute couture” gin produced with small pot-stills that promises a fruity, fresh and floral adventure.

Born in France in the Cognac region in 2011, the Ôdevie company is the result of the collaboration of 4 French entrepreneurs passionate about the world of spirits. The result of this association shows 3 spirits of choice that have already met some successes: The Arcane rum, Beach House Spiced Rum and Generous Gin.

Generous Gin, the youngest of these siblings, is distilled with small pot-stills to create an brandy full of elegance.

Its designers have made it a top of the range gin, inspired by the natural spirit of the Garden of Eden, offering an experience that is both floral, fruity and refreshing that its packaging reveals. It invites you to discover rich aromas while remaining perfectly balanced.

Generous Gin, made from natural citrus and flower extracts, is one of the most consumed gins in the world and has won numerous awards since 2015.

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