English spirit

The Duffle-Coat or tweed are essentials for a look in the fashion stakes of British fashion. Le Comptoir Irlandais offers a selection of items combining quality fabrics and modernity with a British touch.

The duffle coat, king of the English-spirit wardrobe 

Among our selection of clothes and accessories in the English spirit, the unbeatable remains the duffle coat: named from the duffel wool that was used in its manufacture in the 17th century in Belgium, this coat worn by sailors quickly crossed the Channel to make itself known in England where he became one of the symbols of the sailors of the Royal Navy. In the 1940s and 1950s, it gradually detached itself from its military image and became popular among English and French students. Its success is well established today. Find our selection of Duffle-Coats for men and women made with all the English know-how for a look as British as can be!

Tweed, the essential of the British style

You can also opt for the tweed, a typically English material, that can be notably found in our jackets of rare quality from the renowned brand Brook Taverner. To associate with an elegant shirt for a so British style that will make people envious!

Clothing combining quality and modernity

Jackets from the brand Barbour, specialist in oiled cotton, will nicely complete your outfit and bring it quality, style and comfort. As for the clothes of the Tom Joule brand, they are inspired by traditional British models to which is added a touch of originality marked by bright colours, surprising finishes and patterns full of cheerfulness.

Don't miss out on English craftsmanship with Burlington socks and iconic diamond patterns. Original and trendy socks.

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