Irish spirit

Enjoy the traditional skills of Irish manufacturing facilities and quality materials. Find the selection of textile products from the Celtic countries and in the Irish spirit.

Authentic and timeless know-how

Fancy an air of the Emerald Isle? Discover our textile selection in the purest Irish spirit. Let yourself be tempted by our collection of Aran sweaters made of virgin or merino wool, a material of exceptional quality and great softness. These traditional Irish sweaters, once intended to protect fishermen from the elements, have now become iconic in the world of fashion and can be worn with all types of clothing and accessories. The Aran Woollen Mills brand also offers tweed handbags, perfect to complete your outfit.

All the Irish know-how is also displayed in the comfortable Donegal Socks wool socks, in the famous John Hanly chequered scarves or in the cosy Avoca plaids, one of the oldest fabric houses in Ireland.

Adopt the total Irish look

Now let's talk about the essential pieces to adopt a typical Irish look. First, put on your head an Irish cap, which is sure to give you an irresistible Peaky Blinders style or a timeless retro side... Then, put on a traditional Emerald Isle Weaving Irish shirt (also called "grandfather shirt") over which you will add a tweed jacket and/or waistcoat of the same brand. Guaranteed effect!

Want to push the Irish style even further? So do not hesitate to browse our So Irish collection which will allow you to display the colours of Ireland from head to toe!

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