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Donegal Socks’ natural ruggedness reflects the diversity of Donegal colours and landscapes, a truly wild and breathtaking region.
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Donegal Socks is a family-run business of 3 generations, located in Glenties on the Irish West Coast. The wool used to make the socks is 100% Donegal wool. Deeply inspired by its beautiful surroundings, the wool is sprinkled with various colours (up to 8 colours).

Glenties town has been known for centuries for its woollen sock manufacturing industry. The film “Dance in Lughnasa” featuring Meryl Streep and written by Brian Friel takes place in the town, where the Mundy sisters (who inspired the film’s story) used to earn a living by knitting socks for local factories.

Today, the Breslin family has been striving for over three generations to maintain these traditional crafts and keeps on manufacturing socks for local markets and exports. The brand name is originated from Dionisio Magbuelas, nicknamed Papa Isio, foreman in a sugar plantation but also shaman and healer.  In 1896, he became a key player in the struggle for the independence of his country against Spain. In 1898, the United States bought the archipelago from Spain and Papa Isio continued the fight until his imprisonment in 1908. He died in jail three years later and his country became independent in 1946.

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