Tweed collection

The elegant style of the Birmingham Peaky Blinders has become a fashion trend. Opt for our wool blend jackets and vests but also pieces from our collection in Tweed style, a comfortable quality material.

The tweed, elegant and resistant

Tweed is a woolen fabric woven in a twill weave. It appeared during the 18th century in Scotland, thus helping to bear the cold temperatures of the region, it is indeed a material that resists cold and water well, so it is suitable for outdoor activities.

First knitted by peasants for their own needs, tweed was adopted in the 19th century by the English nobility who were very fond of hunting parties in the countryside. The neutral colours of tweed clothes in particular make it easy to blend in with nature. Tweed was therefore worn mainly outside the city.

In 1954, Coco Chanel modernised it with her famous suit which became the inseparable touch of the power worn by Jackie Kennedy. It can also be worn casually or more formally.

Perceived as a material worn by aristocrats, the 1990s refreshed this image, it is now worn in contrast with other materials that modernise it. It is often used on fashion shows, with designers seeking to modernise it with each new collection.

There are different types of tweed, they are named in various ways, it can be related to the breed of sheep (Cheviot, Shetland), to its use (gamekeeper tweed) or under the name of a brand (Harris Tweed).

Harris Tweed is a protected designation which means a piece of fabric that has been woven, finished and spun from 100% pure new wool by hand by the Islanders at their home in the Outer Hebrides.

The tweed declination

Tweed is now available in several article, it is indeed found in clothing, whether in a skirt or jacket but also in accessories, caps, handbag. It becomes an essential material, whether combined with other material or worn as a set. Find out how to wear a tweed jacket through our blog post.

Among our selection of tweed clothing we find in particular the famous brand Brook Taverner renowned for their pretty Harris Tweed jackets for men.

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