How to wear your tweed jacket ?


Tweed’s kind of like Scotland’s DNA. This historical fabric, of great quality, returns frankly to fashion and proves much easier to wear than it seems. In the 19th century, no polyamide or polyester, wool is the most common material, but also the most resistant and the warmest.

It was Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who launched fashion with the tweed Balmoral in 1853. By acquiring land in Scotland and, in particular, in Balmoral, where he would later build his castle, he decided to create a thick fabric of combed wool, according to special designs, suitable for hunting and outdoor sports. The other aristocrats landowners are eager to create their tweed, representative of their domain.

This adoption of tweed by high society makes it an extremely sought-after garment of distinction. But, above all, each tweed has special characteristics, depending on the origin of the wool: colour, rustic appearance, stiffness or suppleness, tight weaving… A tweed thus reflects a territory, a know-how, and each tweed jacket is truly a unique piece.

Wearing a tweed is no longer reserved only for high society or university professors at Cambridge… It is a sure, very fashionable and classic garment of preppy, hipster, dandy or casual chic style… But how to wear it?

An outdoor jacket

The warm tweed jackets were originally worn outdoors and, in particular, for sports activities, such as cycling, tennis, driving or climbing. The tweed jacket is very resistant, and must fit you. Do not fear the possible stiffness of the fabric: it signals only the quality of the product and will soften according to your morphology over time, for a beautiful fall. Don’t forget, the tweed jacket can be really hot depending on the weight of the wool, and can quite replace a coat.

Materials contrasts!

The number one trick in wearing a tweed jacket is material contrast. Here, (almost) everything is allowed, especially when one knows the freedoms of the Anglo-Saxon fashion. For a quirky and modern look, try bright, striped (oxford style) or tile colors instead. The sweater in merino wool or colored lambswool also offers a processed transition and warms the outfit, while the denim-style shirt asserts a rather hipster side…

On the trousers and shoes side, same struggle, the contrast of the materials must take precedence, being careful not to swear with the shirt or the vest chosen… Often, a pair of leather or suede shoes enhance the entire outfit.

Bet on the accessories

Remember, you wear a tweed jacket, and the secret to breaking the formal and overly structured side of the outfit lies in the judicious choice of accessories. Of course, the jacket lends itself perfectly to the wearing of the tie: you can choose it with patterns, wool or colored...

Our advice: the bow tie or the scarf will be your best allies here. Very trendy, they also appeal to the bohemian imagination which also perfectly matches the countrywear spirit and nature of the tweed jacket…

Tweed in Hollywood

Famous in all minds, Sean Connery plays the role of James Bond, aka 007, in the cinematic adaptation of "Goldfinger". Worn by Bond, tweed is going to be a hot topic in the spotlight… But not that: Fred Astaire, John Wayne, Cary Grant or Adrien Brody, Patrick Dempsey or James Marsden are some examples of personalities who have worn tweed with class.

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