Men‘s Clothing Collection

Browse for high quality garments through our wide collection ranging from traditional Aran sweaters, accessories, coats and lambswool sweaters.

Masculine looks and elegant outfits are to be found in the fashion world of Comptoir Irlandais, very beautiful items for a men's collection combining timeless cuts and noble materials.

Aran wool specialist

For more than 30 years, Le Comptoir Irlandais has relied on the heritage and know-how of Ireland and the Anglo-Saxon Islands to offer an authentic collection of 100% pure wool Aran knit sweaters, original pieces knitted in exceptional wool with beautiful traditional twists. The Aran jumper is a must-have for men's wardrobes, it goes with everything for an outdoor or a city look.

Find this quality work with the sweaters and accessories of the great Irish houses Aran Woollen Mills and Inis Crafts. The Aran mesh ranges are diversified and includes turtlenecks, vests and warm jackets. The collection also includes100% wool accessories such as hats.

Know-how and beautiful materials

In constant search for durable and comfortable clothing, Le Comptoir Irlandais develops collections each season around natural materials for their incomparable qualities.

Wool comes in many shades (merino wool, lambswool, mohair, etc.) thanks to the expertise of major textile houses such as John Hanly or Avoca. Le Comptoir Irlandais also offers a selection of accessories such as tartan scarves, beanies or brightly coloured plaids and blankets.

For a so British and high quality look, opt for English tweed. This thick carded wool fabric goes with any outfit for a contemporary style. Discover our Brook Taverner tweed jackets but also the authentic Irish caps, for a very trendy retro Peaky Blinders.

Complete your wardrobe with cotton pieces such as t-shirts, flannel or Irish shirts. Thick cotton polo shirts from rugby brands as Black Wellis also bring a sportswear touch to the collection.

Great British brands

Le Comptoir Irlandais presents classic and original works, which represent some of the most important symbols of the Anglo-Saxon world.

Our beautiful English Duffle Coats are made by London Tradition in the heart of London, England, a workshop that has won numerous awards for its quality of finish.

Legendary brand Barbour continues to dress the British Royal Family in their unique oily coat while developing new original works.

As for the famous Burlington brand, continue their sock changes with a variety of colours of Argyle Scottish patterns to complete your outfit.

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