Flannel shirts

The sweetest shirt is the flannel shirt. To wear closed, over a t-shirt like a jacket or knotted around the waist, the flannel shirt will easily match your outfits.

A soft and warm shirt

Flannel is a woollen fabric native to Wales. This fabric has the advantage of being light, soft and warm.

The main material used to make these shirts is cotton.

Among our collection of shirts, discover the cotton flannel shirts of the brand Out of Ireland so that you are trendy for any occasion.

Ideally worn in winter or mid-season, alone, over a t-shirt, under a sweater or as a jacket.

The checkered shirt appeared 200 years ago and it doesn't seem to have aged a bit! Contrary to popular belief, it did not originate in the United States but in Scotland, where checks rule every piece of fabric. Naturally, the tartan gave birth to the patterns of the checked shirt and to its flannel, so soft to the touch. From the workwear of American workers to the must-have of hipsters around the world, via Kurt Cobain's favourite overshirt, the flannel check shirt is far from having said its last word on the subject.

A quick reminder...

Flannel is very popular these days for its softness to the touch. Originally from Wales, the word flannel simply means wool. Flannel can sometimes be considered as having a country look, but also very luxurious. Originally, it is mostly made of a blend of 85% wool and 15% cashmere, which gives it a soft touch. But today, we often find it based on combed cotton.

Flannel has many advantages when worn, for example it is almost wrinkle-free. Multiple tests have been carried out and it is probably the strongest fabric ever made.

Waterproof due to its pressed fabric, it is not cold to the touch and on the contrary, when worn, it provides warmth.

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