Our coats are made of quality materials to spend the winter comfortably and warm.

The Coat

A coat is a loose-fitting garment, usually long, worn over other clothing to protect from the cold or inclement weather.

History and evolution

Until the 19th century, coats were primarily a means of displaying social status, reserved for the wealthier classes. Gradually, however, they became both indispensable and elegant. Coats and jackets can be worn all year round, depending on the model, in winter or mid-season. They keep you warm, protect you from the elements and add a touch of elegance to your outfit.


The Duffle-Coat, named after the material used in its manufacture, is a thick coat made of woollen cloth, often equipped with a large hood and covering three-quarters of the body. Created in 19th-century England for sailors, it's an ideal winter or mid-season garment. London Tradition Duffle-coats are made from 70% wool, and can be worn over a cardigan or sweater. Perfect for a night out on the town.

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