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The Kilkenny red ale is brewed in Kilkenny, in Scotland’s oldest brewery of Saint Francis Abbey. This old brewery also produces the famous Smithwick’s. Kilkenny is extremely popular in Canada, and develops a rich, creamy and caramelised taste with a hint of bitterness.
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  • The Kilkenny beer has been launched in the 1980 as a stronger version of Smithwick's, and spread more easily amongst Continental Europe and Canada, as these had a hard time pronouncing "Smithwick's"...

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  • A fruity and sweet beer with typical Irish flavours. Greatly appreciated for its bitter, tangy taste sweetened by a touch of caramel. A wide success that brought the Kilkenny beer forward and set it as the hallmark beer of the town.

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Kilkenny beer is referred to in a quite famous play on words from the worldwide known South Park series. The characters, referring to the beer, often say “They killed Kenny”, as one of the South Park script writers bet on quoting the name “Kilkenny” in each episode of the animated series. Total success!

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