New exclusive bottlings and new INK#2 collection


Constantly in search of new references to satisfy whisky lovers, Le Comptoir Irlandais unveils INK#2, a collection of 6 exclusive bottlings, selected by and for Le Comptoir Irlandais. At the end of the year, the brand is also offering Single Malts enthusiasts 7 new references of exceptional whiskies, sold exclusively in Le Comptoir Irlandais shops.

The new collection INK#2 by Le Comptoir Irlandais

New collection selected by and for Le Comptoir Irlandais, INK#2 brings together 6 exceptional Scottish Single Malts. INK#2 exalts the art of distillation with rare distillates and perfectly executed maturation.

Auchroisk 2009 Bourbon Hogshead unpeated, 70cl, 46°

Single Malt from one of Scotland's youngest distilleries of the last century (1974), renowned for its "silky" distillate. Very few official bottlings have existed and 90% of the production will enrich the blended whiskies. A few barrels are hidden in independent bottlers like Signatory Vintage. Le Comptoir Irlandais selected this cask because it is atypical in its structure and relatively complex while retaining the finesse specific to Auchroisk (or "OH-thrusk" in Gaelic)!

Note: dry whisky, complex, floral, herbaceous notes, green tea

Finish: long, pastry, honey, vanilla and almonds

Auchroisk 2009

Auchroisk 2009

Bunnahabhain 2008 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead unpeated, 70cl, 46°

This unpeated version of Bunnahabhain is dedicated to lovers of "old school" Sherry so to speak. Few fruits and spices like on "modern" sherry casks, but we travel powerfully on more rustic aromas with woody, leather or coffee that last a very long time in the mouth.

Bunnahabhain 2008 Bunnahabhain 2008

Coal Ila 2010 Hogshead peated, 70cl, 59.3°

A peaty whisky with a perfection of balance, intensity and power. A discreet nose, a precise mouth with a frank but fine peat, mineral, fruity with citrus notes.

Bottled at its natural degree.

Caol Ila 2010

Caol Ila 2010

Inchgower 2007 Hogshead unpeated, 70cl, 61.2°

One of Le Comptoir Irlandais' favourites from this selection. Not a total surprise actually, as we have encountered excellent Inchgowers on a regular basis and few could have disappointed us. This version is no exception to the rule as the harmony of flavours is so close to perfection. A Single Malt with fresh and herbaceous notes, malty while allowing itself a push on aromas of bacon and fruity notes. Thick texture that literally explodes in the mouth.

Bottled at its natural degree.

Inchgower 2007

Inchgower 2007

Royal Brackla 2009 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel unpeated, 70cl, 46°

A jewel of Speyside in the prime of life, impressive in term of indulgence with a remarkable presence on the palate. Very suave, oily, spicy: just what is needed to maintain this suppleness and its aromatic intensity.

Royal Brackla 2009

Royal Brackla 2009

Ledaig 2011 Wine Hogshead Finish peated, 70cl, 46°

This peaty version from the Tobermory distillery is aged in Bourbon casks with a finish in Port cask. The oily peat is omnipresent on the nose and it keeps its promises in the mouth. Notes of grilled meat and barbecue harmonize with a nice explosion of very present fruits.

An endless length on the palate!

 Ledaig 2011

Ledaig 2011

INK#2 collection ►

7 new bottlings, exclusively at Comptoir Irlandais

Le Comptoir Irlandais offers its selection of bottled whiskies for the brand exclusively in France. For the end of the year, 7 new bottlings are to be discovered in the 45 Le Comptoir Irlandais stores.

Fettercairn 22 yers old, 70cl, 47°

This Scottish Single Malt was born from a unique method of distillation using local crystalline water used as an ingredient and cooler for the copper walls of the stills at the distillery. This method results in strong condensation inside the stills. The fruity distillate harmonizes with the round, gourmet and pastry influence of the Bourbon barrel in which this Single Malt has aged for 22 years.

Fettercairn 22 years old

Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheestown Ed.1.1, 70cl, 50° - 1,440 bottles in France, exclusively at Comptoir Irlandais

With its "Single Farm Origin" range of limited edition natural whiskies, the Waterford Distillery aims to unveil the qualities of the Irish terroir. Produced from 100% Irish barley, recognized as the most qualitative in the world, each bottling is the result of a harvest, a farm, a land. They are the expression of precision and rarity, revealing the aromas and flavours of barley sourced from small Irish farms.

Spicy  and malty profile combining creamy and fruity notes.

Waterford Single Farm Origin Sheestown 1.1
79,90 €

Kilchoman Small Batch #2 Edition 2020, 70cl, 47.1° - 1200 bottles in France

The winner of our Kilchoman selection, this 2020 version comes from a blend of 80% Bourbon barrels reduced to 46° and 20% Sherry Oloroso barrels at its natural level. A well-drenched version of Kilchoman with its heavy, damp peat also reminiscent of tobacco leaves, blending beautifully with heather and dark chocolate notes ... wonderful this year again!

Kilchoman Small Batch #2
85,00 €

Aberfeldy 15 years old Pomerol Finish, 70cl, 43° - 1200 bottles in France

This Scottish Single Malt matured for 15 years in a barrel that had contained Bourbon and was then matured for 5 months in a Pomerol barrel. This two-step maturation brings notes of ripe cherries and apricots mingling with notes of vanilla and honey.

Aberfeldy 15 years old Pomerol Finish
75,00 €

Aberfeldy 18 years old Pauillac barrel finish, 70cl, 43° - 896 bottles in France

On the same principle as the 15 year old, after spending 18 years in Bourbon casks, this Aberfeldy was matured in Pauillac casks for 4-5 months. The vanilla and honeyed aromas blend perfectly with the notes of ripe cherries and hazelnuts.

Aberfeldy 18 years old Pauillac barrel finish
125,00 €

Penderyn 2013 Tawny Port Cask, 70cl, 60,5° - 724 bottles worldwide, including 300 in France, exclusively at Comptoir Irlandais

A real jewel that is from Penderyn. Distilled in June 2013 and bottled in July 2019 at its natural level, it shines with fluidity with the aromatic and taste palettes that interlock with each other. While attaching to the marked style of Port, Penderyn brilliantly restores the great purity of its distillate. This paradox is quite simply an inexhaustible source of olfactory and gustatory pleasures. This is a limited edition of 724 bottles for the whole world, including 300 bottles allocated to Comptoir Irlandais. The only regret… not having had the entire barrel!

Penderyn 2013 Tawny Port Cask
115,00 €

Arran 2008 Small Batch Moscatel Cask, 70cl, 50° - 1200 bottles in France

A new version for this year with a surprising batch for this Arran aged 12 years in Moscatel casks and bottled at 50°, degree for which this expression is best revealed. We find a perfect balance between the honeyed notes, slightly spicy on a background of dark chocolate. A very gourmet whisky with the influence of the barrel of Moscatel.

Arran 2008 Small Batch Moscatel Cask
75,90 €

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