Fettercairn 22 Years Old 70cl 47°

Distillery : Fettercairn / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 24085

Exclusive launch for France at Le Comptoir Irlandais.

At Fettercairn, the local crystal-clear water from the mountains is used as an ingredient, but also serves to cool the copper in the outer walls of the Fettercairn stills.

This unique method of distillation results in strong condensation inside the stills.

This 22 year old Single Malt was born from this method of distillation. The fine and oily distillate of Fettercairn is sublimated by an aging of 22 years in Bourbon barrels which have been individually selected for their exceptional quality.

The fruity Fettercairn distillate harmonizes with the round, gourmet and pastry influence of the Bourbon cask.

This whisky bottled at 47 ° is illustrated by its elegance. The 47% alcohol gives it a strong intensity and an enormous length in the mouth.

270,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV47 °
TypeSingle malt
Age22 years

A true symbol of Scotland, Fettercairn is the second distillery in the country to have obtained a distillation license in 1824.

Nose: Very pastry and extremely gourmet, between milk chocolate, almonds, lemony and buttery aromas. It's gingerbread. There are also fruity notes of banana, citrus and plums.

Taste: Creamy on the fruits. It is a very fruity whisky that develops aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, especially mango, with also pear poached with spices, candied orange and ground coffee.

Finish: After the fruits (plum, molasses and morello cherry), baking aromas of chocolate and lemon tart develop. It's balanced, melted, and tasty.