Woodford Reserve

It is the oldest, the smallest and the slowest distillery (when considering maturation times) of today’s last nine Kentucky distilleries.
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Woodford Reserve (formerly Labrot & Graham) is located in Versailles, the “bluegrass” region, also known for horse breeding and horse races. The very hard water contributes to the strength of the horses’ bones… and to the unique style of Woodford Reserve’s bourbon. The distillery has been first established as early as 1812, and its stone-walled cellars are unique in Kentucky and more than a century old. Woodford Reserve differs from other distilleries by many aspects, giving its Bourbon a lot of character. The fermentation vats (used in the first step of whiskey making) are made in cypress (not in pine as it usually is), a wood chosen specifically for its neutral effect in the transformation of corn, rye, and malted barley that are used as raw material. And then, the stills. A notable exception in all Kentucky, the whiskey is triple-distilled (like in Ireland) in three different Scottish copper stills of a 9500 liter capacity.

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