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Habitation Velier

Habitation Velier cuvées are a guarantee of high quality and offer prestigious rums from all over the world.
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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Since 1947, the Velier house based in Italy has specialized in importing the best wines and spirits.

Building on its evolution, the Habitation Velier range was created in 2015 at the initiative of Luca Gargano in order to present Pure Single Rum, rums from a single distillery where they were distilled discontinuously in a Pot Still.

Through this range of excellence, it is a desire for transparency and authenticity that are highlighted. These unique rums are produced in an artisanal way from local raw materials, aged on site to benefit from the tropical climate, all in direct collaboration with the distilleries. The labels present all the design information and they are bottled cask strenght, without colouring or cold filtration.

Habitation Velier cuvées are rums with a high degree of alcohol, concentrated and with an aromatic profile borrowing from a great richness in aromas.

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