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Hunter Laing

Hunter Laing, based in Glasgow, Scotland, is the descendant of three generations of independent whisky and rum bottlers.
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Hunter Laing was founded in 2013 following the separation of the Laing brothers, then heirs to the company Douglas Laing & Co, created by their father after World War II. Fred Laing kept the name Douglas Laing while his brother Stewart joined forces with his two sons who gave the name Hunter Laing to their own bottling company, Edition Spirits.

Hunter Laing is considered one of the most respected names in the whisky world today. The company has proven itself with its Old Malt Cask, Sovereign (grain whiskey), Disiller's Art and its Hepburn's choice ranges, to which they gave the name of Stewart's grandfather. The father and his sons even started their own distillery on the island of Islay, Ardnahoe, and filled their first keg on November 9, 2018.

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