The Six Isles

Ian MacLeod Distillers Ltd is one of the biggest family-run businesses within the spirits industry. The Scottish company offers a large range of spirits.
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Leonard J Russell, founder of the company, always firmly believed in the value of independence and not owing anybody. As a distiller, he purchased only the whiskies fulfilling his quality requirements and his clients’ and met success. In a few years, his company became quite famous and recognized in the Scotch whisky trade.

Ian MacLeod Distillers Ltd is the owner of Glengoyne and Tamdhu (Speyside) Scotch whiskies, Isle of Skye Blended whisky, Hedges & Butler, King Robert II, London Colline Gin Dun Bheagan Ranges, Smokehead, Six Isles Blended Malt, MacLeod… The company sells around 15 million bottles of spirit a year.

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