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Beenleigh is an Australian rum distillery located on the banks of the Albert River in the Queensland region, the country's oldest still operating distillery.
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The two Englishmen who bought the 300 acres of land in 1865 were originally intended for cotton cultivation, but soon saw the potential of sugar cane. The distillery was established in 1884, and began to source molasses from sugar grown and ground in the region.

More than 137 years later, the distillery, now under the management of Steve Magarry, continues to produce rum in small batches using molasses crushed in the only family-owned sugar mill still in existence in the country.

The rums are made following a very specific distillation process: they go through a column still, installed in 1981, but also through a beautiful copper pot still that is almost the same age as the distillery. The resulting golden nectar then ages gently in ex-Brandy maturation vats and in hand-crafted American oak barrels.

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