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Black Tot

A brand of rum intimately linked to the history of the Royal Navy.
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For more than 300 years, the sailors of the Royal Navy received a daily ration of rum, called Black Tot, in order to reward them for their service within this prestigious institution. But on July 31, 1970, this tradition suddenly came to an end, to the despair of the Queen's soldiers. This fateful day was given the name "Black Tot Day" and is even celebrated every year by the "Navy rum" lovers.

As for the reserves of the British navy, they were transferred into jars and stored in London under customs control where they were forgotten for almost forty years. Their discovery did not go unnoticed though... The luckiest of all was Sukhinder Singh who bought all the found jars to bottle them and sell them to amateurs and collectors eager to own a piece of history. But he didn't stop there and built on this discovery to create a rum that draws from that tradition while adding a modern interpretation to it. It was after no less than two years and 26 tries that he found the "perfect" recipe.

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