Established in 1823 on the outskirts of North Glasgow, on the foothills of Kilpatrick, Auchentoshan is one of the last three Lowlands distilleries still operating.
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This unpronounceable name with such a typically Scottish consonance means “the field corner” in Gaelic. Auchentoshan is the only Scotch Single Malt being triple-distilled, a custom usually associated with Ireland.

This process imparts truly pure aromas to the distillate and creates a refined, elegant Single Malt with distinctive fruity character.

As a pioneer on many aspects, Auchentoshan is the only distillery offering a “Three Wood” Single Malt, successively aged in three different types of casks (bourbon, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez). The new Auchentoshan range includes 12 year-old, 18 year-old and 21 year-old whiskies and two new, extremely rare limited series presented in a decanter and distilled in 1957 and 1965.

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