Auchentoshan Virgin Oak Batch 2 70cl 46°

Distillery : Auchentoshan / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 24017

Auchentoshan offers a second cuvée of its limited edition Virgin Oak, a Single Malt aged exclusively in new American oak barrels. Woody notes enrich the usually fruity and floral register of Auchentoshan whisky.

The tasting is soft and balanced.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV46 °
TypeSingle malt
MaturationOak Casks
PeatNon Peated

Established in 1823 on the outskirts of North Glasgow, on the foothills of Kilpatrick, Auchentoshan is one of the last three Lowlands distilleries still operating.

This unpronounceable name with such a typically Scottish consonance means “the field corner” in Gaelic. Auchentoshan is the only Scotch Single Malt being triple-distilled, a custom usually associated with Ireland. This process imparts truly pure aromas to the distillate and creates a refined, elegant Single Malt with distinctive fruity character. As a pioneer on many aspects, Auchentoshan is the only distillery offering a “Three Wood” Single Malt, successively aged in three different types of casks (bourbon, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez). The new Auchentoshan range includes 12 year-old, 18 year-old and 21 year-old whiskies and two new, extremely rare limited series presented in a decanter and distilled in 1957 and 1965.

Nose: fine, rich. Concrete iris. Broom, walnuts.

Palate: lively, precise. Fresh fruits. Wooded.

Finish: long, tender. Coconut, nutmeg.