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Mac Na Mara

Gaelic whisky Mac Na Mara is known for its legendary regional character, such as "Te Bheag" and "Poit Dhubh".
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Mac Na Mara has been created by a gentleman-farmer, Sir Ian Noble of the Isle of Skye, off the West Coast of Scotland. Sir Ian Noble, aristocrat and advocate of the Celtic culture of his country, is deeply attached to the old traditions of the Gaelic communities. He created Mac Na Mara specifically for his fellow countrymen.

As such, Mac Na Mara is a name known not only on the Isle of Skye, but also on other Gaelic-speaking countries and further, as in Nova Scotia. Sir Ian Noble, so as to maintain the authenticity and heritage of his whisky always refused to distil and sell his whisky to South English-speakers.

However, the cultural exchanges that have connected France to Scotland throughout history convinced Sir Ian to sell us a share of his production. His whisky has been produced in the traditional way of blending, distilling and ageing of the Isle of Skye.

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