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The Domaine de la Maison Camus is located in the Borderies, since its birth in 1864, this business has remained in the hands of the Camus family.
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Maison Camus was born in 1864 and has remained a family business for 5 generations now. While preserving traditional methods, it still seeks to be at the forefront of science.

With its "Intensity" distillation method, Camus seeks to produce the most aromatic Cognacs possible. This method makes it possible, in fact, to select, during the second distillation, fractions of liquid which are more aromatic and rich in esters.

Maison Camus owns an estate located in the Borderies, a region which represents 5% of the Cognac appellation area. It has 188 hectares of vineyard, allowing it to offer mono-vineyard Cognacs.

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