Camus Cuvée 4.186 Electrum 70cl 41.7°

New Camus Cuvée 4.186 Electrum 70cl 41.7°

Distillery : Maison Camus / Country : France / Reference: : 25931

Cuvée 4.186 Electrum is a rare and exclusive blend of 4 powerful, complex and elegant cognacs carefully selected, the fruit of a long tradition of excellence from Maison Camus. Guided by Julie Landreau, cellar master, this seventh edition celebrates the historical heritage of the family business since 1863. 

Inspired by the precious Roman alloy of gold and silver, Electrum, this cuvée offers a unique taste experience, reflecting the magnificence of its amber color. The number 186 in its name corresponds to the sum of the years of aging of these cognacs.

The box contains the decanter designed by Serge Mansau for Camus and manufactured by Baccarat. It is decorated with a golden fret that recalls the color of electrum and a stone face engraved with a quote from Virgil.

Cuvée 4.186 is the rarest ever produced by Maison Camus with only 315 numbered carafes produced.

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soit 18 557,14 € / litre

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Volume0.7 L
DistilleryMaison Camus

Maison Camus was born in 1864 and has remained a family business for 5 generations now. While preserving traditional methods, it still seeks to be at the forefront of science.

With its "Intensity" distillation method, Camus seeks to produce the most aromatic Cognacs possible. This method makes it possible, in fact, to select, during the second distillation, fractions of liquid which are more aromatic and rich in esters.

Maison Camus owns an estate located in the Borderies, a region which represents 5% of the Cognac appellation area. It has 188 hectares of vineyard, allowing it to offer mono-vineyard Cognacs.

Colour: amber colour with golden highlights.

Nose: complex and rich, revealing notes of nuts and dried fruits. Then come gourmet and buttery notes accompanied by rancio for an exceptional olfactory journey.

Palate: the round attack of this blend of 4 cognacs gives way to notes of wood and spices and offers us a wonderful length in the mouth to prolong this historical and organoleptic journey.