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Many distilleries from the end of the Victorian period have been built in inhospitable areas.
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Dalwhinnie is no exception to the rule as it is located at the heart of the Highlands, at the junction of the routes formerly taken by cattlemen from West and North Scotland, running more than 300 meters high. Dalwhinnie has always been consistent with its Gaelic name, meaning “the place to meet”. The distillery has been placed there as pure water flows down from the mountains’ snow melt, enriched by fragrant heather flowers, imparting the Single Malt its floral aromas and characteristic sweetness. Dalwhinnie draws waters from the “Lochan an Doire-Uaine” (translating as “the lake in the green bush” in Gaelic), more than 600 meters high in the Drumochter Hill Mount. Dalwhinnie is also perfectly located in the Highlands, as the distillery was on the brand new train line completed in 1897, the Highland Railway. The unique character of Dalwhinnie ranks the distillery in the Classic Malts Selection. Created more than 20 years ago, this selection recognises Single Malts crafted in the tradition of iconic distilleries, and offers the most impressive whisky styles Scotland has to offer.

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