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The Irishman

In 1999, Bernard Walsh created The Irishman with his wife Rosemary, and launched his first Irish whiskey, both Single Malt and Blend, in 2006. The Irishman is one of the few independent distilleries selling whiskey, broadening the choice for whiskey fans.
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Combining traditional skills and modernity, Bernard Walsh gathers inspiration from the glorious era when Ireland was the largest whiskey exporter ahead of Scotland, in the 18th century and 19th century.

The Irishman is inspired by two types of whiskey that where then produced: Single Malt and Single Pot Still (produced from malted barley and non malted barley).The Irishman was coined “the future of Irish whiskey”, by Bernard Walsh.

Each step of The Irishman triple-distillation is carefully surveyed to produce the smoothest, most authentic, delightful and complex whiskey. Eventually, Royal Oak in County Carlow will host the new distillery, the Walsh Whiskey Company, bound to be soon built as announced by Bernard Walsh.

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