Our socks collections come in all colors to accessorize your outfits. Long or short, they are perfect for keeping warm on cold fall and winter days.
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Go for the chic

Socks are an accessory that is intended to be discreet but which often gives a glimpse of the personality of its wearer. This is the case, for example, with Burlington socks, whose famous diamond patterns come in all colours and all shapes: worn with a suit, they will bring an elegant and original touch to your outfit. Also available in a box, they will be perfect as a gift for all occasions. If you like the famous diamond pattern of Burlington socks, don't hesitate to take a look at our check spirit collection for an elegant style.

Dare to be original

The socks, not very visible unless deliberately exposed, also allow you to indulge in a little originality: the Tom Joule brand in particular is the specialist in colourful and offbeat prints. Find the stripes and floral patterns typical of Tom Joule on topst-shirts or even sweaters and coats.

If you like original socks, also discover our socks decorated with the colours and patterns of Ireland (sheep, clover, leprechauns…) which will give you a "so Irish" style for sure!

Keep your feet warm

Our selection also includes plain wool socks to keep your feet warm all winter long. Try (and approve) our Donegal Socks made from wool from the region of the same name in Ireland. Wool lovers or simply sensitive to cold, find all the quality of Irish wool in our collection of Aran sweaters.

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