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Our wool socks are warm and resistant, they are ideal to wear during outdoor activities (hiking, sports activity) but also at home for a cocooning moment.
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Wool socks are a great accessory to keep your feet warm. In addition, the absorbent qualities of wool help protect your feet from moisture during sports activities such as mountain hiking, for example.

Soft and warm wool

Wool can absorb about a third of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. In addition, it has insulating properties thanks to its ability to slow the passage of air, thus ensuring warmth.

Wool comes from the shearing of certain animals, there are different kinds and qualities of wool depending on the species and its environment.

The fiber of wool is composed of keratin, its variety explains the different forms of wool, for example Merino wool has fine and small fibers and larger fibers, and when mixed we can find the wavy characteristics of Merino.

The use of wool dates back to 10,000 BCE, it is used for clothing as well as to insulate habitats. We see looms appear around 2500 BC allowing the production of very fine fabric.

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Even today, wool is a very popular quality material. We have a variety of wool items, including Aran sweaters, accessories, scarves and beanies. Le Comptoir Irlandais also work with the Brook Taverner brand which offers Harris Tweed woolen jackets of exceptional quality.

The Donegal socks brand, located in Ireland, offers short and tall socks in soft wool. This wool comes from a breed of Irish sheep, the Donegal sheep from the county of the same name located north of the Green Island. It is a wild region renowned for its mountain ranges and its castle ruins, and there are also Viking remains all along the coast.

For soft and stylish socks, also opt for the British Burlington style socks to be trendy to the tips of your toes!

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