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Maison Gautier

La Maison Gautier has had the Royal right to produce cognac since 1755 as well as a founding charter signed by the hand of King Louis XV.
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The story begins in the 17th century, when the Gautier family was forest owner near the forest of Tronçais, in the north-west of the department of Allier in France. The ancestors of the family have developed a know-how as well as a close bond with oak, reflected in the family motto "DU GALT MER SUI", which means "I am the Lord of the Forest" in old French.

In 1644, Charles Gautier, married Jacquette Brochet, daughter of a winegrower. The fusion of wood and vines gave birth to a new passion, the creation of cognac. From 1700, their grandson, Louis Gautier, carried on this activity and contributed to the development of Maison Gautier. In 1755, the Gautier family obtained the royal right to produce cognac and the founding charter signed by King Louis XV.

About three centuries ago, the ancestors of the Gautier family set up the wine cellar in a unique location in a former water factory above the Osme river in Aigre, which is still there today. Maison Gautier continues to use it because the natural humidity of the wine cellar makes Cognac unique, round and generous.

Thanks to the unique heritage of forest owners, Maison Gautier knows how to choose the most suitable oak barrels for Cognac. The know-how that sets the house apart is the slow aging process of cognac in the cellars.

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