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Peyrat Cognac

Founded in 1920 by Henri Peyrat, Maison Peyrat started out as a wine and spirits business before focusing on Cognac.
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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Henri Peyrat quickly built solid links with producers and the most important suppliers in order to benefit from a constant supply, both in quality and in quantity. Maison Peyrat thus offers exceptional Cognacs and an elegant and refined range of liqueurs and spirits.

True ambassador of a traditional know-how unique in the world and of a French way of life, Maison Peyrat is proud of its Corrèze origins and its independence to develop in the purest Cognac use, a range composed of the acronyms emblematic reflecting the number of years of ageing in oak barrels: VS (Very Special, i.e. minimum 2 years), VSOP (Very Special Old Pale, i.e. minimum 4 years), XO (Extra Old, i.e. minimum 10 years) and Cognacs vintage.

Note that its Cognacs are blended from eaux-de-vie with a greater ageing than that required by the appellation in order to guarantee high-quality spirits of exceptional intensity.

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