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Established on the Carbet estate near Mount Pelée, Bally is a benchmark in the world of Martinican rums! It is one of the oldest distilleries in Martinique.
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Its rums are characterized by the finesse of their aromas, a good roundness in the mouth and a great fruity richness.

The history of the Bally distillery begins with the founding of the Habitation de Lajus in 1774: at the time, this estate benefited from the volcanic lands of Carbet as well as the mansion and the small sugar plantation that was already established. Shortly after the catastrophe following the eruption of Mount Pelée, from which he narrowly escaped, the Domaine Lajus was the subject of a real estate foreclosure.

In 1917, Jacques Bally, a young engineer freshly graduated of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, acquired the estate and decided to restore it by equipping it with a new distillation column and a steam engine.

In 1930, he invented the famous pyramid-shaped bottle that would make the brand famous, as well as the distillation and barrel-aging techniques that are mostly still used today.

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