Paul John

The Indian brand Paul John offers a range of whiskey representative facets of the state of Goa, a region of southeastern India where the distillery was specially created. The sweet and pure water of Goa is an essential element to make this well-managed and well-done Indian whisky. The tropical climate brings warmth, exoticism and spicy notes.
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Paul John's Single Malt meets very specific criteria: barley comes from the green hillsides of the Himalayas and is harvested exclusively in summer, when the grain reaches its ideal ripening. Double distillation is then carried out in copper stills, which allows the distillate to acquire a strong character. Aging is done in carefully selected American oak barrels.

The distillery is at the forefront of technology and has high-end equipment such as copper stills that reach a production capacity of 3 000 litres per day.

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