AnCnoc are whiskies from the Knockdhu distillery, they are both light and complex. AnCnoc products are distinguished by a visual created by Peter Arckle.
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AnCnoc Whiskies are produced by the Knockdhu Distillery located in the village of Knock in Scotland and more specifically in the Speyside region. This name was given to avoid confusion with the Knockando Distillery.

The Knockdhu distillery opened its doors in 1894 under the leadership of John Morrison, it is ideally located, indeed the presence of water source as well as the abundance of peat and barley allows the production of Whiskey.

Tradition is part of the soul of the distillery, since its creation it has used copper stills unchanged in their shape, giving a light and fruity Whisky. The production method has remained almost unchanged for 100 years, and the current modifications are mainly related to the desire of the distillery to have the least possible impact on its environment.

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