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The history of the Alsatian Massenez distillery began in 1870. At the time, Jean-Baptiste Massenez was working as a distiller... His descendants, and in particular his son Eugène who became a recognized master distiller, would follow in his footsteps and inherit his know-how.
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His son surprised everyone in 1913 by distilling wild raspberries for the first time. This discovery met with great success, especially with the Queen of Sweden, but it was in the 1950s with the third generation that the distillery experienced a real boom: Gabriel Eugène Massenez exported his brand to the haute cuisine and in particular aimed at famous Parisian brasseries like Flo, Bofinger, etc.

Thanks to his excellent interpersonal skills and the quality of his products, Gabriel meets and works with the greatest starred chefs such as Bocuse, Verger, Troisgros… In 1979, driven by his success, he created a new distillery in the Val de Villé, inaugurated by Paul Bocuse, great friend of the family.

From 1982, Manou, daughter of Gabriel, continued the work of her father and exported the brand to more than 110 countries! She brought Massenez into many competitions and thus presented it to the greatest sommeliers and bartenders around the world.

1989 saw the launch of the famous Poire Prisonnière, “the most jet-set brandy”! Domique Massenez also invested that year in wine-growing lands in Chile.

In 2010, Massenez joined forces with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux and its president Bernard Baud. The brand's development iaccelerated both in France and abroad and developed its offer according to the growing number of new consumer profiles (of cocktails, for example).

After 10 years of collaboration in 2020, we can only note that a new lease of life has been given to the distillery by Bernard Baud, while keeping the DNA of the house.

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