The producers of Ballantine’s were the first to recognize the influence of cask maturation (a technique reserved to Port and sweet wines) on the character of their whisky.
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Several warehouses, all located in Scotland, are used for this long and necessary ageing. The addition of aged whiskies also gives its unique taste to the fine, rich drink.

The small-scale, craft production of Ballantine’s whisky has been rewarded with the Grant of Heraldic Arms, as a the recognition of George Ballantine & Son as a “Company of the Scottish Nobility”. The arms decking the blazon are still featured today on each bottle produced by the brand.

Ballantine’s began in 1827, when George Ballantine opened a grocery in Edimburgh. In 1865, he focused on reselling wines & spirits, and became supplier of the Royal English family. His two sons became part of the company, and the George Ballantine & Son Ltd expanded quickly.

As Ballantine’s has been distilled in Scotland for more than a century, it became a real icon in the world of Scotchs. It is a blend of more than 40 different malts.

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