Blanton's is an American Bourbon whiskey brand distilled by the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky.
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In 1983, the brand became known as the first to sell Bourbon bottled cask by cask (Single Cask), under the name Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon.

This type of product then developed rapidly in other distilleries in the United States (Jack Daniel's, Heaven's Hill ...) and is commonly used in so-called "high-end" products.

This pure Bourbon whiskey bears the name of Colonel Blanton, who directed the distillery from 1912 to 1953. The creator was inspired by his predecessor, using the abandonment of the principle of rotation of the casks to give each barrel a unique fragrance.

Blanton's offers precise and gourmet bottlings developing different aromas of cereals, spices, candied fruit, citrus fruits and flowers.

Blanton's is currently part of the Sazerac Company group.

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