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A 1710

The A1710 distillery is a very young distillery, located in the heart of Habitation Simon in Martinique. Its location between sea and mountains allows it to benefit from an exceptional terroir and an ideal tropical climate for the production of its rum.
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A1710 is a very young distillery located in the heart of the Habitation du Simon in Martinique.

It was founded by Yves Assier de Pompignan, an entrepreneur from Martinique whose father passed on his passion for rum to him.

"1710" corresponds to the year of arrival in Martinique of the founder's family in 1710. The "A" means "A" artisan, the rums are made entirely by hand from the cutting of the cane to the traffic jam. The "A" also stands for Assier, the surname of the ancestor of the creator. The letter "A" also stands for "A" as a mark of excellence in the rating system.

The distillery uses a slow refrigerated fermentation process combined with the use of unique yeasts. The cooling system helps create richer aromas by allowing the yeasts to develop better.

The agricultural white rums are distilled in a charentais copper still called "La Belle Aline". A seven-tray distillation column was added for better distillation. A process that is both ancestral and modern.

The cellar is located in the center of the estate in an old stone and wood construction. Its location between sea and mountain favours the work of casks previously used by large cognac houses.

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