The Nc'nean distillery opens its doors in 2017 on the west coast of Scotland and displays an ecological commitment with whiskies from organic farming.
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Founded by Annabel Thomas, the independent Nc'nean distillery opened its doors in 2017 on the West Coast of Scotland after 4 years of reflection and fundraising. Conceived with the objective of launching the production of organic and ecological whisky, the distillery aims to be a pioneer in the sustainable production of experimental spirits in search of a maximum reduction of its impact on the nature that surrounds it.

To meet these goals, the Nc'Nean buildings are equipped with renewable energy infrastructure, the barley used is 100% Scottish and organic while the bottles are made from 100% recycled glass. In addition, the team has set up an organization that allows the recycling of 99.97% of its waste.

The name of the distillery is inspired by that of an ancient Gaelic Goddess, Neachneohain, Goddess of the spirits, protector of nature.

Experimental method and slow whisky

Nc'Nean upholds an original philosophy in its work, placing experimentation and research around the wonders of nature as important principles of the work of the distillery team. Botanical research with Heriot-Watt University and the distillers of Beinn an Tuirc, fermentation based on rum yeast ... Nc'Nean imagines and develops new processes to perhaps one day offer new original bottlings.

For the moment, the distillery seeks in any case to enhance its know-how and takes its time in the realization of its whisky, from fermentation to maturation, to produce the best spirit.

His "slow whisky" is made from slowly crushed malted barley, slowly fermented and slowly distilled. Fermentation lasts up to 114 hours. Maturation is carried out mainly in red wine barrels, specially treated and also American whiskey to develop depth and softness.

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