The St-Germain liqueur a French success! It was made in France from flowers
elderberry, launched in 2007 by American Rob Cooper.
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St-Germain is a French liqueur made from fresh elder flowers, hand picked once a year in late spring. This finely crafted first natural elderflower liqueur has flavours as subtle and delicate as they are captivating, as evidenced by its notes of peach, pear and grapefruit.

To accomplish this fresh and natural result, each bottle of St-Germain contains up to 1000 of the best elderflowers, resulting in a finely crafted, perfectly balanced and refined liqueur.

The harvest season lasts about three to four weeks in late spring, when the flavours and aromas of the flowers are at their peak. The quality and freshness of St-Germain depend entirely on the quality and character of the elderflower.

As with any recipe, precision is essential to deliver consistent quality. St -Germain is produced slowly, using centuries-old French techniques, starting with maceration. The traditional maceration process is dynamic, infusing lukewarm water with the aromas and flavours of the finest and freshest elderflowers for several hours.

The all-natural elderflower infusion is then carefully decanted and filtered to remove flowers and stems. The quality, aroma and flavour of each brew are carefully inspected before blending with previous blends, the result of which creates the exact scent and flavour profile of the elixir.

The last 100% natural elderflower infusion is then expertly mixed with wine brandy, water, sugar and neutral grain alcohol to finally create the St-Germain liqueur.

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