Teeling Brabazon Bottling 70cl 49.5°

Best pick Archive Teeling Brabazon Bottling 70cl 49.5°

Distillery : TWC / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23302

This second edition is exceptional ! It was awarded with the prize of the Best Irish Single Malt NAS (No Age statement) at the World Whiskies Awards in 2019.

Exclusively available at Le Comptoir Irlandais at its launch in 2017, discover the 2nd limited edition Teeling Brabazon Bottling, a Single Malt from the Irish distillery aged in 6 different Port casks.

Tribute to William Brabazon, the 3rd Earl of Meath who presided over Newmarket in the 17th century, this whiskey gives an exceptional rendering of the flavours and subtleties of maturation in casks containing the famous Portuguese fortified wine.

Carefully chosen for their complementary character, the casks relate to three Ruby Port, two white Port and one Tawny Port.

Ruby Port casks bring body and depth to the whiskey with dry and fruity notes. They date from 2001, 2007 and 2009. The white Port casks of 2002 and 2005 provide notes of citrus, apples, nutmeg and vanilla.

As for the Tawny Port cask of 2005, it was composed of Single Malt having aged beforehand in Bourbon casks before enjoying this two-year finish which brought light notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate and cinnamon.

The Brabazon Single Malt Teeling was assembled and bottled in 2017 at 49.5% without chill filtration allowing the aromas to express themselves fully during the tasting.

This second edition is an exceptional Irish whiskey which has won the prize for the Best NAS (no age statement) Irish Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards in 2018.

Only 12,500 bottles available.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeSingle malt
MaturationPort Wine Casks
PeatNon Peated
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered

TWC is an independent distillery founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, John’s son, who established the Cooley distillery in 1987.

The Teeling family has been crafting Irish whiskey since 1782, date on which Walter Teeling founded one of the 38 Dubnlin distilleries in Marrowbone Lane in the area of Liberties. This is also in this area, at the heart of Dublin, this Jack and Stephen Teeling opened their own distillery, more than 200 years after their ancestor.

Unlike other Irish distilleries triple-distilling their whiskey, this new distillery distils only twice (pot still) just like the Cooley distillery. It is the only distillery to produce pot still whiskey in all of Dublin. Moreover, Teeling likes varying the whiskey finishes, imparting a real gourmet edge to the traditional Irish character.

Colour: deep amber.

Nose: it develops rich notes of cinnamon and dark chocolate that marry with aromas of spicy apples and caramelized oranges.

Palate: it is round and beautifully reappropriates notes of the nose with woody touches and flavours borrowed from pineapple and caramelised apple.

Finish: dry with fruity notes, clove and a light touch of sea salt.

Best NAS (no age statement) irish Single Malt bronze Medal, World Whiskies Awards 2020

Best NAS (no age statement) Irish Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards in 2019.

Best NAS (no age statement) Irish Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards in 2018.