Guinness: THE cult beer

Guinness beer is now on everyone's mind when it comes to Irish beer, but do you know the history of this brewery?

The story of Guinness is a combination of inspiration and passion. It is the story of an Irish beer that has become, with a little magic, one of the most popular beer in the world.

Arthur Guinness opened his first brewery in 1755 and in 1759 signed a 9000-year lease for the St. James's Gate brewery in Dublin. His son Arthur Guinness II developed his father's work and in 1833 the brewery became the largest in Ireland. It first exports were to England but rised rapidly internationally exporting to Portugal, the Caribbean, Sierra Leone and New York. In 1850, the son of Arthur II, Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness took over the family business and became deputy mayor of Dublin.

The brewery has continued to grow and export more and more. It is now the largest brewery in the world with an annual output of 1.2 million barrels. In 1997, Guinness PLC and Grand Metropolitan PLC merged to form Diageo PLC. The name comes from the Latin word for "day" and the Greek word for "world". In 2009, the brand celebrated 250 years and success is still here today!

Guinness Draught is the best-selling beer in Ireland. It is brewed from a must whose content of highly roasted beans gives it a dark colour and a taste of coffee or cocoa. Served between 3 and 5°, it has a remarkable sweetness in the mouth, a bitterness and a very pronounced body. The can is equipped with a ball of mixed gas (nitrogen): the "Floating Widget" which reconstructs the conditions of draw to the drum.

The "Porter" beer was the craft beer consumed in England since the 18th century. It was then transformed by Guinness to give birth to the "Stout" (brown beer). The Guinness West Indies Porter is a modern interpretation of a Guinness beer brewed in 1801. It has the refreshing taste of hops and some power with its 6 ° titration.

An Irish symbol

Today, Guinness is undoubtedly an Irish national institution. It proudly displays, on every glass, can and bottle, the Irish harp, even before it was adopted as a symbol of the Irish nation! For the anecdote, you will notice that this harp is presented in the other way round...

Guinness has demonstrated remarkable energy in its communication campaigns. Who does not know, today, the famous 'Guinness' posters that are found around the world? These ingredients today make Guinness a unique beer, internationally known, with inimitable taste and strong character.

Guinness diversifies

For several years, Guinness has diversified by offering a wider range of products and different beers distant from the original Guinness Draught. The Irish brewery offers an amber beer brewed with rye malt: the Guinness Rye Pale Ale; a lager-style beer (low fermentation) that has an original character very different from the classic Guinness: the Guinness Hop House 13 Lager; or a sweet beer with aromas of grilled malts and chocolate with a hint of smoke: the Guinness Milk Stout.

Beers and much more

In addition to its well-known beers, the Irish brewery has diversified by offering Guinness beer products.

Guinness was first associated with the Irish chocolate Lir. The result of this association is magical: dark chocolate Guinness truffles and Guinness flavored dark chocolate and melting heart bites. What delight lovers of chocolate and dark beer.

The brewery also offers a rich and tasty sauce produced from Guinness! Perfect to accompany your meat dishes or prepare marinades.

The brewery has also partnered with one of the best crisps makers, Burts, to create a unique blend of beer crisps.

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