The essentials of the Scottish brunch


Have you ever had the opportunity to travel to Scotland and try the Scottish breakfast or brunch? We do, and we are going to reveal the recipe to you. The full and typical Scottish breakfast is slightly different from the English breakfast and has nothing to do with the French breakfast. To be tested on the weekend when you have a little more time on your hands!

For a Scottish brunch, here are the essentials you need:

1/ A bowl of porridge, this oatmeal-based dish can be garnished with fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, seeds or even maple syrup for more gluttony.


2/ For blood sausage lovers or the most curious, don't miss the black and white pudding. This pork-based specialty is available for sale by reservation in most of our stores. Discover all the information on the sale of fresh products straight from Ireland. Black pudding is usually served with a plate of bacon slices, mushrooms, half a tomato, all pan-fried and usually accompanied by fried eggs and beans. This is called full Scottish breakfast.

Scottish Breakfast

3/ For a sweet and savoury mix, let yourself be tempted by pancakes with maple syrup and grilled bacon. A sweet and delicious mix, perfect for your Sunday brunch! For classic recipes fans, you can also enjoy your pancakes with orange marmalade, for example.


4/ To accompany it all, sip a large cup of coffee or black tea and relax, it's the weekend!

Article written by Manon C.

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